When "De Telegraaf", the most-popular daily newspaper in the Netherlands, stopped re-printing "Flash Gordon", they decided to look for a replacement for it. They tried the "James Bond" strip, but readers didn't want a strip about a character who's now mostly known as a movie hero. Eventually, they decided to ask myself and scriptwriter, Willem Ritstier, to create a new "Flash Gordon"-type strip - and that's how " Zodiac " was born. "Zodiak" is a fantasy adventure strip about a Dutchman, Tom van Santen, and his girlfriend, Caren van der Plas, who get lost in a strange world where society is based around the 12 signs of the Zodiac. The strip began in 1997 and quickly became popular.

Zodiak Album 1 Zwart/Wit

Zodiak Album 1

Zodiak Album 5 Zwart/Wit

Zodiak Album 5

Zodiak Album 6

Zodiak Ring Opening

Zodiak 01

Zodiak 02

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