Nicky Saxx

The Nicky Saxx strip has been running for some years now as a daily in Holland's largest-selling newspaper, "De Telegraaf". Nicky and her friend, Elsa Steiner, are globe-trotting adventurers with a taste for danger, hiring themselves out as troubleshooters and investigators of the paranormal via their organisation, Room 666, which is located in a disused lighthouse on the East Coast of America. Aided by computer expert and technical wizard, Ben Folds, the duo specialise in helping all those people the conventional law-enforcement bodies cannot assist.

The comic is written by Willem Ritstier.

Publication of the comic ended January 4th 2008 after a successful run of six years. The newspaper decided publishing a daily adventure comic had become old fashioned.

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Cover Saxx 2

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Cover Saxx 3

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