Welcome to the website of Minck Oosterveer.

After Minck passed away by a motorcycle accident on September 17th 2011 we, his family, decided to keep his website available for those who are interested in his work. Just click around and have a look at the various examples of his artwork. Most of them are representative of his latest output, but included are some examples from the beginning of his career.

We are now trying to work through Minck’s studio, looking for original drawings etc. Maybe we can make an exhibition of his work or maybe a memorial book can be developed.

We will keep you informed at this page of the website.

05.27.11 | Ruse and poetry


Coming Wednesday the issue #3 of "Ruse", the part I did draw on a script by one of my favorite writers, Mark Waid, will be out and available in shops. The comic can best be described as: "a steampunk Sherlock Holmes with romance, witty repartee, and a hint of magic." A preview can be found on Comic Book Resources. Pity the resolution and the quality of the scans for this preview are a bit too low which makes the linework heavy and the colors a bit blurry. In the US-comics section of this website is the same preview in black & white with a bit extra....


Also available is the poetry collection "Oogtheater (Dutch for "Eye-theater") by author Joris Miedema, published by de Contrabas. His poetry has a strong visual touch in reading, a bit like comics. That's why he wanted me to me to draw the cover of his book. The coloring is done by one of the leading colorists in the Netherlands: Wilma Leenders.


Meantime I'm still working on the Webslinging Wall-crawler.

05.14.11 | Spider-Man

1989: The Dutch publisher of several American superheroes asked me to draw a small Spider-Man comic, styled like the John Romita newspaper comic which would be published in their yearly school-planner for high school students. Together with artists Michel Nadorp and Rudy Hulleman we tried to draw like Romita. Script was by writer/translater Joost Timp. I was a beginner in a land without education in sequential art and had a lot to learn.

Superheld agenda Spider-Man
my first, a bit clumsy drawn, Spider-man, done for the Junior-press High School planner from 1989

2011: Two months back I was working on "Ruse" For Marvel when my editor asked me if I would like to draw a Spider-Man one shot. Didn't need much time to take a decision. Yesterday Marvel anounced: "Spider-Island: Deadly foes".

Turns out there isn't a lot of Spidey himself in this story, that has been written by Fred van Lente. But a lot of his most gruesome and dark arch-enemies do! And everybody knows I love dark stories!

Spidey Black Cat
Quick drawing as exercise for "Spider-Island: Deadly foes" which will be out august 2011

03.02.11 | Marvel and Ruse

cover for Ruse by Butch Guice (pencils) en Mike Perkins (inks)

Marvel-comics did ask me if I wanted to be a contributing interior artist on the RUSE-comic. According to writer Mark Waid (yes, the man with whom I had the great pleasure to work on the THE UNKNOWN-miniseries for BOOM!-studios) the comic can best be described as: "a steampunk Sherlock Holmes with romance, witty repartee, and a hint of magic." Leading characters are the arrogant Simon Archer as the detective and Emma Bishop as his partner although Simon calls her his assistant.

I'm not the only artist. Mirco Pierfederici is already working on interiors and original artists Butch Guice (pencils) and Mike Perkins (inks) are still doing covers. Did some practice on the characters and by know I started working on the first pages.

Simon Emma Ruse