"Coentje" is the mascot of the teenage fan club of Rotterdam's football club, Feyenoord. I hate soccer, so you might think it's a good idea to ask me why I'm drawing the adventures of this cartoon footballer, who's named after Feyenoords former star player, Coen Moulijn ( Coentje is Dutch for "little Coen", by the way ). Firstly, my son loves football and is a big fan of Feyenoord. Secondly, it's a challenge to work on something that's not entirely my preferred choice of subject. "Coentje" is the only strip I work on that isn't creator-owned. It's produced by Z-Design, created by Martin Lodewijk and written by Jan Booister.

Coentje 1

Coentje 2

Coentje 3

Coentje 4

Coentje 5

Coentje 6

Coentje 7