12.17.10 | Red Sonja 2

Red Sonja color

On his own initiative Jorg de Vos, painter of the regular Storm-comic series "The Chronicles of Pandarve", colored the Red Sonja-pin up I did for the publisher of Red Sonja in the Dutch language, Dark Dragon Books. More about this pin up can be read in the article below, dated 11.27.10 I'm really content with the result, especially because I know coloring my specific Black&White-style isn't easy to do. The original line-art is for sale at the website of the publisher, Dark Dragon Books.

11.27.10 | Red Sonja and Rick Hochet and newspapers

Red Sonja def

November the 30th will be the release of "Warriors of Dark Dragon Books/ strijders van Dark Dragon Books". An incentive book by Dark Dragon Books, publisher of AO Conan, Red Sonja and Slaine in the Dutch language. Dutch and Flemish artists gave their impressions of the heroes and heroines published by this new publisher who is celebrating his first year. This is my version of Red Sonja.

The original art of all artists will be for sale in the Dark Dragons online shop.

Red Sonja schets

I was surprised by a commission for a European comic-hero instead of an American: reporter/detective Rick Hochet. Have to admit I needed a moment to adept.

Rik Ringers

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And at the end of October I was back in newspapers for a brief moment doing wat I have done for more than 18 years: Newspaper-comicstrips. A short comic illustrating an article about youth delinquency in a reasonable quiet part of the Netherlands.


The comic can be seen here.

09.22.10 | Houten comicon

Unknown NL 1

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This weekend, september 25 and 26, the Dutch language publication of The American miniseries "the Unknown" #1 and #2 I did with writer /creator Mark Waid will be out during the Houten-comicon/ the Netherlands. Both books are hardcovers and will be available with or without slipcase. They are published by the "Don Lawrence Collection". You'll find the art for the slipcase in the last news-message below. I'll be signing the books both days at the DLC/Eppo-booth.

Unknown NL 2

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09.05.10 | The Unknown in Dutch

Unknown large

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At the end of September The Dutch translation of "The Unknown", The Miniseries writer and creator Mark Waid and me did for publisher BOOM!-studios in Los Angeles, will com out. Publication by my Dutch publisher Don Lawrence Collection, translation by Ger Apeldoorn. Both stories, "The Unknown' en "The Unknown: The Devil made Flesh", will be out at the same time, collected in two HC's of 96 pages each. They will be available as two separate books or together in a slipcase. The Dutch publication will have new art for both the covers and the slipcase, drawn by me and colored by Andrew Dalhouse. See the The Unknown-section of this site for the new artwork. There is also new artwork in the Just for Fun-sectie. The Scarlet Witch.

Bit late, not available anymore but still cool: The scent of "the Unknown". Knew it would be available at the San Diego Comic Con and have done some extra art for it. People could buy a bottle together with a The Unknown#1-HC (limited to 100 copies) with a bookplate signed by Mark Waid and me (limited to 100 copies). proceeds to benefit the "The Hero Initiative".

07.30.10 | Ronson inc. 2

This week starts the pre-publication of the second Ronson inc. story- a western written by Willem Ritstier and drawn by me- in "Eppo magazine." The Eppo-magazine cover, introducing a new "Ronson inc." story, is painted by "Storm"-artist Jorg the Vos who used a pencil-drawing done by me.

05.30.10 | Haarlem

There will be a special edition of the western comic-series "Ronson inc." available at the Haarlem-comic convention during the weekend of June 5th and 6th. "Behind the scenes of Ronson inc." shows pencils, sketches, characterdesigns, preview-pages and documentation and research for the comic-series. It will be a limited edition, US-comic format. Of course I'll attend the show during both days at the Eppo/DLC-booth to sign books and I will carry the "The Unknown Minck"-sketchbook, The Unknown #1 HC, art prints and a lot of original art done for the newspaper comics and the Euro and US-comics with me.

05.22.10 | Frank Frazetta homage

On Monday May 10th 2010 one of the greatest and most influential fantasy-illustrators passed away at the age of 82: Frank Frazetta. His influence on my art was huge. I don't think the daily newspaper-comic Zodiak, which I did draw for more than 8 years would have looked the same without him. Maybe it even wouldn't have existed. When several comic-websites all over the world called for a Frazetta tribute I decided to do a Frazetta homage as well. Particularly wanted to do my interpretation of a John Carter/ princess of Mars-scene, inspired by Frazetta. Of course it will be shown on my website and it will get pride of place right here in the US-comic section.

04.09.10 | The Unknown nominated

THE UNKNOWN- volume 1, written by Mark Waid and with interior art by me, has been nominated for the American Library Association's YALSA "Great Graphic Novels for Teens" award. This tells you more about the American Library Association.

02.20.10 | Ronson Inc. 1: The Reckoning

As mentioned before the first "Ronson inc." comic book collecting the first story, prepublished in Eppo comic-magazine, last year, will be out at the Breda comic convention during the weekend of march the 6th and 7th. story title: De afrekening... the reckoning in English. A look at the cover from back to front:

Some pages of this story can be found in the Ronson Inc.-section of this website. by this time, writer Willem Ritstier and me started working on the second story which also will be prepublished in "Eppo" comic-magazine, this time with more pages in every issue. A first page preview:

02.09.10 | Sketchbook

During the Breda-convention at March 6th and 7th a small sketchbook titled "The Unknown Minck" will be released. It will show a small collection of pencils, thumbs, roughs and character designs of several comics I've done through the years. The publication will be limited to 111 copies and can be set aside for those who will visit the convention by using the contact-form on this site which can be found by clicking "contact" in the right menu.

I'll also carry a small stock of the "The Unknown"-hardcover with me which can be reserved the same way as the Sketchbook. (as long as the stock lasts) Publisher the Don Lawrence Collection will release the first book of the Ronson inc-comic.

01.28.10 | The Unknknown: The devil made flesh #4

Yesterday the fourth issue of "The Unknown: The devil made flesh" came out. A preview can be found here. With this issue the second "The Unknown-miniseries" comes to an end. In March the story as a whole will be out in hardcover.

01.02.10 | What to expect in 2010...

New year, new possibilities. Old work needs to be finished, new plans in development.

Eppo comicmagazine / DLC: "Ronson inc."
The new western-comic "Ronson inc." turned out to be a disappointment for me. Although we worked together on several comics for a long time writer Willem Ritstier and I where clearly not on the same level this time, and, as usually happens when I'm working with a script that doesn't suit me, the quality of the art dropped to "really not good enough". No need to argue about who is to blame... it just didn't work out right. Still, after a long talk with the publisher, we are going to give it a second try. There will be a second Ronson-inc. story somewhere at the second half of this year. The album of the first story will be out around the beginning of march and available during the Breda-convention.

37 pages of a Don Lawrence's Storm-story have been pencilled by me. The script has been fully written. But up till now we weren't able to find the right colorist/painter to finnish the pages. There is some development. Two candidates showed some progress in their art and are being tested further on. we have to wait to be sure if one of them will be ready for the big thing.

"Red Knight"
The second story (and the next sequels) won't be made. Writer Ronald Grossey and I decided to concentrate on another project, withe the help of the original Red Knight-artist Marvano/ Mark van Oppen, possibly for a French language-publisher.

The American Adventure / "The Unknown"
After the two miniseries "The Unknown" an "The Unknown: The devil made flesh" the adventures of Cat Alligham and her assistant Doyle, published by BOOM!-studios in Los angeles will be on hold for now. This doesn't mean my American adventure and surely not my collaboration with writer Mark Waid will come to an end. Several plans for 2010 are being made. the second hardcover of "the Unknown" telling the full story of "The devil made flesh" will be out at the beginning of this year.

Several new art prints (amongst them a new Vixen for Valkyrie), a sketchbook, a contribution for the Jakari-photobook and more to come...